‘Volunteer Heroes’ is a non-profit project conceived by Colin Boulter (Neilson Reeves), Dan Walsh & Jack Walsh (Studio Twwo) as a platform for highlighting real-life heroes in our community.


We want to redefine an overused term which has lost it’s meaning in this age of celebrity worship and put the emphasis back onto substance rather than ‘style’.


We feel that people are suffering from undiagnosed mental illnesses relating to their lack of substantial contribution to community and reliance on social media attention and ‘quickfix’ solutions to their low self-esteem, confidence and general meaningful purpose in life.


We’re not offering a panacea, however we believe by addressing these issues and drawing attention to them by showing how everyday people are doing heroic things everyday – from volunteering in a charity shop to rescuing people from mountainsides – that people may be inspired to take a more active role in creating profound relationships and helping others as a means to helping themselves.


We will be photographing, interviewing and engaging with heroes/volunteers from all walks of life; getting their stories and showing others how fundamental they are to our society.