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Angel Smith

Angel Smith: Living up to a name

Angel Smith is 16 years old and has been studying Public Services at Tameside college for a while now. As her course suggests, she has some aspirations towards helping the public. She’s considering a few options for the future, including a course in criminology, but she’s keeping her eyes peeled for inspiration.

I want to have a career that’s fun, and where I do something new everyday - I like to learn new skills

Volunteer work is a necessary part of Angel’s course. Barnardos, however, doesn’t contribute to this. Angel fulfills her course needs by being an ambassador for open evenings, a steward at the Ashton light parade and a fundraiser for the armed forces – by selling poppies. She saw volunteering at Barnardos as another opportunity to feed her voracious appetite for acquiring expertise. When she first read the sign in the window of Barnardo’s, Angel, though a little nervous, convinced herself to apply for the job.

I just saw the advert from the bus on the way home and thought; you know what? I’m
just gunna go in and volunteer. I just told myself I’m gunna do it, I’m gunna get that job.

Ever since September 2017, she has managed to weave an impressive 5 days worth of volunteering into her week, alongside college; three 2-hour shifts on weeks days, and two full days on weekends.

was a bit scared when i first came in because they were all older than me and didn’t
think we’d have much to talk about, but it’s great - everyone’s local and there’s a good
community vibe.

Though younger than some of the other volunteers, Angel soon began to fit right in, developing a few preferences in her work. Her favourite jobs are manning the till, cleaning the shop front and just generally chatting to the characters who come by. Often, she’ll find herself acting as a personal shopper for one or two of the regulars. She’s even bought a few things herself since she’s been there, one of which was particularly special.

A football kit for my little brother. It was supposed to be a christmas present, but I gave
it to him early

Angel Smith is a part of a big family, local to Horton Green, near Denton. With 7 members of the Smith family sharing a 3 bedroom house, Angel appreciates how important it is to work with the people around you to create a supportive environment.

With the current climate of social media and rife vanity it helps to have unpretentious
places and people for that community feel

If you’re interested in volunteering with Barnado’s, click here