RSPCA Middleton Volunteer

Annie Cooper

Annie’s Story: a humble inspiration

Annie Cooper’s gleam is immediately striking when you meet her, her smile, wit and warmth don’t ever seem to dwindle. This incredible woman started working as a volunteer for the RSPCA charity shop just over 11 years ago initially starting one day a week shifts as a way of interacting with people whilst she tirelessly gave round the clock care to her husband of many years Tommy, who was unwell.

Annie welcomed us with open arms

After Tommy and her son Gary tragically passed away Annie’s natural ability to talk to people  whilst making them feel welcome and feel comfortable put her in a position were she wanted to start taking on more shifts as a volunteer firstly to help with her own grieving, but also because she loved the job and loved the amount of social interaction and comfort she got from providing an honest helping hand for people throughout her week. Being noted by her colleagues as someone who “welcomed them with arms wide open” when they first started at the shop. She still does her volunteering to this day and from this process has become absolutely invaluable to the shop, so much so that her kindness and approachable affability are bordering on the essence of what the shop stands for. Whether that be helping out at the till with a smile, or talking to customers about additions to the store. When asked for how long she’d continue volunteering Annie said “for as long as i can keep doing it” which is an absolute testament to someone who has already given so much of her own time simply to help people.

I'll keep volunteering for the RSPCA, for as long as i can keep doing it

Annie’s true heroism lies in the fact that, throughout her life’s tragedies and hardships she has always given her all to maintain contact with other people and has gone out of her way time and time again to provide care,comfort and welcome to the people of her own community, simply for the love of human interaction and her love for Animals. She said she only ever wanted to do volunteer charity work for the RSPCA because she loved animals and loved the work that the RSPCA did for the benefit of every creature. As well as Animals and People Annie is also a lover of all things Andre Rieu and tries to go and see him every time he comes to Manchester. We believe that Mr Rieu should be very proud of the fact that he has such superstars supporting him!

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